Hologram HTV materials are an exciting twist of sparkle and shine! Hologram vinyl allows you to create a full design of movement and shine to any application as it reflects in light. The Hologram HTV is easy to weed and apply to many project surfaces. Materials come in a variety of colors.

HTV Hologram

    • Create design and place your setting to mirror in your design space.
      • Tip: By mirroring your design you are flipping the placement so when you place the design down it is right side up.
    • Place color shiny side down on your mat. Dull side (no color) is facing up during cutting.
    • Cut design and weed vinyl.
    • Place item on the heat press with your design in the area you want to press.
    • Place a cover sheet (Teflon paper or Parchment paper) over your design and press with medium pressure at 300°F – 315°F for 15 seconds.
    • Open press, allow design to cool and cold peel application sheet in 1 pull for best results
    • Remove product from press.
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