Glitter is the glamor and glitz of vinyl materials! Glitter materials sparkle with the highest of quality of glitter and will not fall off during application! Glitter vinyl materials are super simple to cut, weed and layer. Glitter vinyl come in available variety of colors.

HTV Glitter

    • Create design and place your setting to mirror in your design space.
      • Tip: By mirroring your design you are flipping the placement so when you place the design down it is right side up.
    • Place color shiny side down on your mat. Dull side (no color) is facing up during cutting.
    • Cut design and weed vinyl.
    • Place item on the heat press and put your vinyl design in the area you want to press.
    • Place a cover sheet (Teflon paper or Parchment paper) over your design and press with medium pressure at 300°F – 315°F for 15 seconds.
    • Open press, allow design to cool and cold peel application sheet in 1 pull for best results.
    • Remove product from press.
    • Tip for Glitter Vinyl, Glitter is workable for laying projects
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